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2023/24 ExCo Recruitment

ExCo Application

The application process for SFYC typically consists of two stages:

What happens if we don't get selected for ExCo?

If you are not selected for the ExCo, you will still have the opportunity to participate as a committee member, working collaboratively with the ExCoteam. 


What specific qualifications are required for this position?

We are aiming to assemble a diverse team comprising individuals from various educational backgrounds and institutions. However, it's essential to emphasize that we prioritize passion and drive over academic achievements when evaluating candidates.

Do we have to be a graduating student to apply or do you also prefer having a working professional?

There is no specific requirement regarding your student or professional status when applying for SFYC. As long as you fall within the youth category (age 18-35), you are welcome to apply. 

Is it possible to be a member of the ExCo while fulfilling national service (NS) obligations?

It is possible as long as you can commit to and effectively perform the required tasks and responsibilities of the position. The key is to manage your time and responsibilities effectively to meet both your NS commitments and your role in SFYC. 

Do you have to be Singaporean to join the ExCo team?


Do we have to be very knowledgeable about fintech at the time of application?

You do not need to be extremely knowledgeable about FinTech at the time of your application. SFYC welcomes individuals with an open mind and a willingness to learn. The organization provides opportunities for members to acquire knowledge and expertise in the FinTech field as they engage in their roles, participate in various activities and network with industry professionals. So, enthusiasm, a desire to learn, and a passion for the industry are often more important than prior knowledge during the application process.

Responsibilities and Commitments

Will the 2023/24 ExCoterm last for one year?

Yes, the term for the 2023/24 ExCowill last for one year.

What is the expected level of commitment, such as the number of days or meetings?

Typically, as events or initiatives draw closer, there may be weekly meetings to update SFA on your progress. However, the frequency of meetings is generally up to the team to decide, whether it's weekly, bi-weekly, or another schedule. There isn't a fixed number of days per se. It's more about effectively managing your time, balancing your commitments to school, and allocating time for SFYC-related activities.

What are the primary responsibilities of the EXCO for the 2023/24 term?

The main role of the ExCo for the 2023/24 term will involve collaboratively developing a work plan in consultation with the Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). Once the plan is finalized and approved by the appropriate parties, the ExCo will then proceed to execute it according to the established timeline.

This approach is consistent with our past practices, where we initiate our term by engaging in discussions with the SFA, securing their approval for our proposed work plan, and subsequently carrying out the plan's activities within the specified timeframes.

Does being an ExCo needs an extremely high responsibility rate?

Being a member of the ExCo in SFYC does require a significant level of responsibility. You are expected to be responsible for your assigned tasks and fulfill your role within the organization. The level of commitment and responsibility can vary depending on the specific tasks and milestones that need to be accomplished during your term.

There may be periods where a higher level of commitment and responsibility is necessary, especially during the planning and execution of key milestones or events. The exact requirements can be discussed and determined as a team at the beginning of the EXCO term, in coordination with the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA). 

Benefits and Challenges of joining SFYC

What are the key benefits of joining SFYC?

How can joining the team help me build up my portfolio?

Portfolio Enhancement: Joining SFYC can significantly bolster your portfolio in multiple ways:

What’s the hardest thing/challenges you faced as an ExCo member?

As ExCo member, one of the most significant challenges most faced was time management. Balancing responsibilities between academic commitments and the role in SFYC required careful planning and organization. The key challenge lay in finding a way to excel in both areas without giving precedence to one over the other. Achieving this balance demanded effective time management skills, dedication, and a commitment to fulfilling my duties in both academic and extracurricular roles.


Will the ExCo exclusively collaborate with SFA, or will there be opportunities to engage with other entities like MAS, Elevandi, and various FinTech companies?

As SFYC operates as a working group under SFA, the primary focus of internal meetings, guidance, and work plan discussions will be with SFA. However, it's worth noting that there may still be opportunities for the ExCo to explore collaboration with other FinTech firms when planning specific initiatives or events. While the core interactions will be with SFA, there is potential for broader collaboration within the FinTech industry as needed for the successful execution of projects.

How can we contribute to fostering the growth of the FinTech sector?

The primary mission of SFYC is to serve as a bridge between young talents and the FinTech industry. To support the growth of FinTech, one of our initiatives is to organize events such as FinTech Day. During these events, we facilitate exhibitions where young individuals can network with representatives from FinTech companies. This networking opportunity may lead to job opportunities, including full-time positions for recent graduates or internship opportunities. By connecting young talent with the FinTech industry in this way, we actively contribute to the sector's development and help nurture the next generation of FinTech professionals.

Will our school be informed about our ExCo position in sfyc 2023/24 exco team?

Your involvement in the SFYC 2023/24 ExCo team may be publicly announced through various channels, such as the organization's social media pages or potential inauguration events. 

However, whether or not you want/have to directly inform your school about your ExCo position typically depends on your own discretion. 

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